Smart dog treats
for personalized care.

✓ Customize your dog’s vitamin treat pack
✓ Vet-Approved, Non-GMO, All-Natural
✓ Delivered monthly to your door

Gabby P.

Willy suffers from small dog syndrome—sometimes he barks nonstop at big pups to prove himself, but it’s really because he’s scared. Ever since he started taking Dandy, his anxiety has improved and our furry neighbors have even noticed! He gets 4 completely personalized treats a day and loves it.

Janai P.

Dandy has been such a fantastic addition to Tupelo’s care. I loved the easy online quiz and learning more about what supplements work best for my pup. I’ve already noticed Tupelo’s coat getting softer! I will definitely be recommending Dandy to all of my dog parent friends!

Nicole S.

Heidi has been on a raw food diet for a couple of years now ever since her surgeries & removal of cancerous tumors. She hasn’t had a “dog treat” in years, and as her mama, I am so thrilled to have found a HEALTHY supplement and treat to give her that makes her happy.

A New Way to Care For Your Dog

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Personal & Convenient

Dandy is 100% customized to support your dog’s current goals and unique long-term needs. You no longer have to guess what they need because we tell you, and then we deliver it straight to your door.

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More Treats, Less $$

Dandy delivers 4 proprietary supplement treats per day (120 per month!) that work together to fill the gaps in their wellness. Tasty peanut-butter treats make it easy to give your dog exactly what they need without the fuss.

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Here for Life

Dandy is the only intelligent platform that updates as your dog grows, the seasons change and tracks their health. Less work for you, better support for your pup.

Dandy dog supplements

Treats With Benefits

Dandy packs unique active ingredients into tiny plant-based, functional treats that support your dog’s daily wellness.

✓ Formulated by a team of Vets
✓ Made in the USA in a NASC facility
✓ Proprietary Non-GMO blends with minimal ingredients
✓ Exclusively on Dandy


Backed by Vets

“It takes some forethought and intention, but it is a lot easier to keep a dog happy than to make an unhappy dog well. Ben Franklin was right, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Dr. Tim Julien, DVM

Chief Medical Officer & Dandy Vet Team


Everything they need today for a happier, healthier tomorrow.

Your dog's daily pack works together to support both their short-term and long-term health goals. Dandy supplement treats can help combat inflammation and supports overall well-being by helping with:

✓ Allergies
✓ Healthier Joints
✓ Reducing Anxiety
✓ Better Digestion
✓ Healthy Skin + Shinier Coat