Our Mission

Our dogs have changed our lives. For some of us, our dogs have saved our lives. At Dandy, we know how much the love of a dog can impact someone’s life, and how much the love of a person can turn a dog’s life around.

After spending time rescuing dogs of our own, we turned to understand the issues that the rescue community and shelters across the U.S face. An estimated 1.5 - 2 million companion animals are euthanized yearly in shelters in the US - many just because there is not enough space.

We’ve partnered with American Pets Alive, a nation-wide educational program to help end the crisis of unnecessary euthanasia across shelters.

American Pets Alive works to empower individuals, communities and organizations with the proven lifesaving protocols, knowledge, and mindset that made Austin the largest No Kill city in the nation, with the highest save-rate among any city of its size. APA is working to transform the entire animal sheltering system to serve as a true safety-net for animals in need (and the people who love them), and to inspire a culture of compassion where every life is valued.

We’re excited to partner with such a powerful movement and to work towards our internal goal of helping rehome and save 1 Million homeless pets. We have given every Dandy customer the opportunity to join us on this mission by adding a $1 per month donation that goes directly back to AmPA’s life-saving initiatives.

Learn more about AmPA here!